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Testimonials about John Heller

"John Heller is smart, kind and wonderfully trustworthy. He has been a great help to us in buying and selling and truly understanding Northwest real estate. He's a guy you can really count on."
Chris and Alice Canlis
Seattle, WA

"John's vast experience and keen understanding of Puget Sound real estate markets is exceeded only by the depth of his character and the degree to which he puts the needs and interests of his clients at the very top of his list. He is a seasoned and committed advocate who has earned the respect of his peers and business leaders throughout the region."
Jeff Pinneo, Past President
Horizon Air

“I have known John Heller for almost 21 years.  We have worked together on many different real estate projects over the years.  I have found him to be one of the most well-studied and smartest real estate professionals I know.  His understanding of the marketplace and buyers is amazing.  John knows how to put together deals.  I have personally worked with him on a number of very challenging deals and have seen him in action.  He is a brilliant negotiator; tough as nails; yet motivated to create a win-win scenario if at all possible.  "Having worked with John for many years I can say that John is a man of impeccable integrity.  He passionately pursues that which he believes is the "right" thing to do."
Troy Romero, President & Managing Partner
Romero Park & Wiggins PS

“John is one of those rare individuals whose conduct in life is so admirable that others almost cannot help taking measure of their own stock by comparison. John’s exceptional empathy and respect for others, rock-solid integrity, willingness to consider diverse points of view and a desire to reach a positive outcome in any interpersonal encounter are mainstays of his character and approach to life. These combine to create exceptional experiences with John, whether in business or in friendship.”
Steve Muehleck, MD

“John Heller is a wonderful person and a brilliant real estate man. He has been blessed with a great mind and great business sense but more importantly he has a great heart. I am pleased to give him my highest recommendation."
Paul Sell
Bellevue, WA

“I have had the privilege of working with John Heller professionally and highly recommend him. John is expert in his field and combines years of valuable experience with wisdom and integrity.“
David R. Goodnight, Partner
Stoel Rives, LLP

“The rare combination of honesty, integrity, and experience, give John the decided advantage in representing clients in real estate transactions. John’s decades of experience in the northwest market give him an uncanny feel for balancing the client’s needs with investment value, and it shows in his work.“
Imants Holmquist
Holmquist & Gardiner PLLC

“John Heller is the most genuine, real and trustworthy person I've met in either business or life.  He is one of those rare individuals who can balance a magnetic, engaging personality with incredible business acumen and insight.  I would absolutely trust him with an investment in my home purchase. “
Tyler Dion
Regional Director
Cintas Corporation

“John Heller is one of the most creative men I know. If you want something done uniquely, thoroughly and with great integrity, I highly recommend John."
Stanley G. Newell

 “It is with great pleasure that I recommend John Heller. His lively intelligence is combined with great warmth of personality. It has been a privilege to observe his personal integrity and humanity, informed by an abiding faith. His extraordinary focus and attention to detail is matched only by his devotion to family. I have been honored to call him a wonderful friend this last 11 years.”
Derek Rodrigues, MD FACC

"John is a consummate professional and knows the real estate market. He understands the complexities of a real estate transaction and has a wealth of experience to share. John also cares about people and is a real pleasure to work with."
Lana Floyd
Ellis, Li, & McKinstry, PLLC

“It has been my pleasure to know John Heller for many years. He has all the qualifications I would look for in a real estate agent. He is forthright, totally honest and a great communicator. He is thoroughly knowledgeable about the various real estate markets and the development of residential property. And there is no one if would rather have representing me in the negotiation and closing process. The fact that John is offering himself to be a personal agent represents an excellent opportunity for those that choose to work with him.”
Larry Van Ness
Senior Relationship Manager
Washington Trust Bank

“John’s real estate and business experience combined with his love for people make him a valuable teammate. He made us feel at ease and saved us from some very bad decisions. John added wisdom, smarts, joy and a lot of peace in our home buying process. My parents recommended him to us. If he is still available when our kids are grown up, we’d want John by their sides as well. Words that come to mind when I think of John Heller: wisdom, joy, comfort, smart, faithful and trustworthy. He is someone we seek counsel from for many areas of life. We admire his marriage, his business and his heart. His advice and influence have two strong affects on us – greater maturity and greater joy.”
Carrie Jones
Tacoma, WA

“Having known John Heller for some time, as well as having worked alongside him in the business and not for profit community, he serves the Eastside greatly in many ways. His real-estate acumen is above reproach and how he leverages that role for community good puts him in a select few. You will find John not only the consummate professional, but a good person through & through."
Jeff Rogers, Principal
OneAccord Partners

“I have known John Heller for many years and have found him to be a man of integrity and a consummate professional. John is a true class act, both personally and professionally.“
John E. Zehnder, Jr.
Managing Partner
Scheer & Zehnder LLP

"In the end, relationships make all the difference. In the end, the way someone makes you feel is what matters. At Canlis, we call this being trustworthy, generous, other-centered. In real estate, it's called being John Heller."
Mark Canlis
Seattle, WA

“My wife and I recently had the opportunity to work with John in our search to purchase our first home. Having known John for several years now, we were not surprised at how smooth and enjoyable this process was. John’s years of experience in the industry proved very beneficial as he was able to quickly discern what approach we should take to each property based on it’s individual characteristics. Not only did we feel John’s ability to negotiate in our favor was outstanding, we were also thankful that John made it his priority to make sure we did not feel pressured during the home buying process. However, as much as John let us shape the process and listened to us he also knew the appropriate times to step in and take the lead in order to assist us in making the best decision. We are extremely happy in our new home and we highly recommend using John as an agent.”
Andrew & Kara Schein
Seattle, WA

“I work with many Real Estate Agents but I have to say that John Heller stands out from the crowd. His professionalism and integrity shoot him straight to the top. I always know that the clients are in good hands when they work with John. He is always looking out for their best interest. Every client that has the opportunity to work with John just rants and raves. He is a true leader in his field and I would recommend him wholeheartedly."
Gina Koehl, CMPS
MetLife Home Loans

“I’ve known John for over 24 years and he is a man of utmost integrity. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get the best possible service in the residential real estate arena.”  
Mark Ormiston, President Definitive Audio

”Trust, integrity, ideas and action plans have always defined the receiving end of a relationship with John Heller. If you need a creative idea, the plain truth or a path of action to solve a difficult problem John constantly provides those kinds of high quality values in all his business and personal relationships.”
Eric & Jennifer Fry
Bothell, WA

"John has provided his professional service to us and is very knowledgeable about the area, the market, and what will meet our needs.  He always showed he had our best interests in mind and never pushed to make a sale.  We are grateful he is working with us to find what we want."  
Randy and Robin Schemkes

“When I think if John Heller some words come to mind, like professional, honest, genuine and classy. He is so professional in all levels of work, John is in tune with people, interiors, materials, costs and great design which is so important. He is such a unique and genuine individual, he makes any project a joy to be involved with. Classy is a wonderful description of John Heller.”
Elaine Marlatt
Define Design Group, LLC

“What a privilege to work with John Heller for 17 years -- often in highly pressured settings -- and what keeps coming back to me is his combination of grace, principled integrity, deep experience, and of course that ever-present smile that radiates, "This is all going to work out fine." And of course, it does…"
Craig Sawchuk, Owner
Changes Communications

“I have known John Heller for years and served with him on a non profit board. His level of personal integrity is exceptional and his knowledge of the real estate industry is unsurpassed. I would recommend John for any residential real estate needs you may have."
Van Hardy
Sammamish, WA

“As John’s banker, both personally and for his business for nearly 21 years, I have helped finance a number of very successful projects and business ventures.  Throughout the years, John has shown an exceptional commitment to achieving results and the highest integrity in all business and personal dealings.“
Vance Gledhill, Vice President
Washington Trust Bank

“In my experience with John Heller over the last few years, he has been an embodiment of honesty and integrity.  His intentions are always good, and his actions and decisions have been proof of this.  John is a man who does not need to make promises, because his word is truth.  He is also a person who truly takes responsibility for his actions, and is able and willing to admit mistakes.  Such is the character of a man with whom I would want to do business.“
Chris Johnson, Head Coach
Women's Volleyball - Seattle Pacific University

“I’ve known John for about 36 years. In that time he has always been an inspirational leader in the real estate community. He has unmatched integrity and a very real passion for the real estate business.“
Ken Eagon, President
Eagon Capital Ventures, Inc.

“John has been a trusted friend for over 21 years. Because of his high level of integrity and character, I have been able to look to him for wise counsel and encouragement."
Gary Glenney
Life and Leadership Coach
The Navigators

“I have know John for a number of years now and I would highly recommend him to handle all of your Real Estate needs. His integrity is unquestioned and he will always have your best interests in mind. You can count on him to sweat all the details. You are going to love him!"
Cliff Otis
Bellevue, WA

“I have participated on boards and other activities with John Heller over the past several years. He has always been enthusiastic, positive and well prepared for every meeting or project. John has great insight and savvy to go along with utmost integrity. I would not hesitate to recommend John Heller as a professional who would do a great job for all of his clients."
Dave Torrell

"On behalf of Children’s Home Society of Washington, it is my pleasure to recommend John Heller. For over a decade, John has supported the vital work of CHSW by generously sharing his real estate expertise. John’s professional excellence and strong personal integrity have helped us in our mission to improve the lives of children and families. He is truly a cherished member of the CHSW family.”
Sharon Osborne
President & CEO
Children’s Home Society of Washington

“I have had the pleasure of working with John for over 11 years now. John is a man of great integrity, who is infinitely knowledgeable about the Seattle real estate market and is uniquely qualified to assist buyers and sellers in the current real estate environment. I would not hesitate to contact John when I am ready to buy or sell.”
Leon O’Daniel, Vice President
O’Daniel Designs

“In 1981, I graduated from the University of Illinois and came to Seattle in search of a job. Lucky me…… I met John Heller. At the time, he was starting a residential real estate firm and was in need of an Administrative Assistant. Interest rates were at an all time high and people thought he was crazy, but John Heller had a dream and he was on a mission!!"

John was electrifying, he had a passion. He knew what he wanted and people wanted to work with him. The office grew and everyone wanted to be a part of The Heller Company. He was always innovative and willing to share his experience with those around him.

John was amazing with his clients. He had so much energy. They knew he was knowledgeable and they trusted him. He would take the time to get to know them, find out what they really needed and took a personal interest in their choice for a home.

It is now 2011 and I am honored to say I am still working with John. He is family to me. I always know he will be there and willing to help me in any way. If you choose John to be your agent, you will be as lucky as I have been. He will take the time to get to know you, listen to your needs, take a personal interest in you and he will make you feel like family.”
Irma Sikma
The Heller Company

“Over the last 16 years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with John on a broad spectrum of projects. John is always working to maximize value and promote his client’s interests, all within a framework of high standard of integrity and honesty.”
Harold Duncanson, President
Duncanson Company, Inc.

“I have come to know John Heller as a man of the highest character and integrity.  I admire him very much and am proud to call him my friend.”
Mark Fanning
Kirkland, WA

“John Heller is a dear friend and trusted advisor. His outstanding character and steadfast integrity create tremendous value in all that he does. John is an excellent listener who asks just the right questions needed to reach successful solutions. I have greatly benefited personally and professionally from having John in my life.”
Dean R. Johnson, Vice President
CBRE – Commercial Properties

“John is a pleasure to work with. He is always advocating for his clients and thoroughly stays on-top of the transaction from start-to-finish. Our clients are very fortunate to work with John Heller. With his industry knowledge and experience, he is superior in his field of work!"
Kim Henwood
MetLife Home Loans

“John Heller knows the fine details of real estate. His understanding gives him the background to be frank and direct about a property.”
Clynn J. Wilkinson, Jr.
Architect, AIA
4D Architects

“In addition to a well respected & trusted friend to many, John is an honest, dedicated, diligent individual with extraordinary business ethics.  He is committed to his goals and to his family, friends and associates.  Genuinely honest and sincere with the highest level of integrity.  Always thoughtful and caring….which makes any interaction with John a positive and rewarding experience.”
Len Thomas, CEO
PMA Direct Marketing

“I have known John for a few years, and can say without any hesitation that he is one of the most genuine and sincere people I have ever met. He has an amazing ability to listen, which I find is a rare quality now days.”
Benjamin C. Duenwald, CFP®, CRPC®, CFM
Assistant Vice President | Wealth Management Advisor
The Tiryakioglu, Benedict & Duenwald Group

“My wife and I first met John (and Patricia) through school events at Bellevue Christian School. As I got to know John better, several things became clear. Not only was he fun to be around but he was a great father/husband and a man of real integrity and honesty. In the summer of 2009, during a very tough real estate market, we needed to sell our in-laws home in Portland. John recommended a Realtor in Portland that did a fine job for us and the home sold quickly. I wouldn’t hesitate to list my home through John or recommend him to family or friends.”
Tim Larson, MD
Bellevue, WA

"Having known John personally for over 16 years, he has been a personal friend as well as an instrumental influence in my sons interest and development in the construction and architectural arenas. John’s attention and interest to the personal lives of others is truly remarkable."
Robert S. Wright
Financial Consultant

“I have known John Heller both personally and professionally for over 21 years.  He has the highest of moral character and a sharp business mind.  He is not adverse to taking a measured risk, because he has a perceptive ability to predict market directions.  He is absolutely trustworthy with the highest of values.   He believes in doing a quality job in all situations.”
D. Michael Buehler, DDS
Founding partner of the Chalet Dental Clinic, Yakima, Wa.
Director of the Washington State Dental Association

“We have known John for several years. You can trust that he will take exceptional care in assisting you in your home search. His attention to detail is further complemented by his personal focus on building relationships.”
Alice & Jeff Kirkwood

 “I have known John Heller for over three decades; first as a college athlete, then as a businessman, and finally as a dedicated husband and father. Over those years, my experience of John has been consistently as a man of high standards, strong values, wisdom, generosity and enthusiasm.”
Jerry Brown
Founder and Director, Retired
Financial Network Investment Corporation

 “As a personal trainer, much of the time you are a coach, a counselor, and an ear to the world’s problems.  With John Heller being a client of mine, our workouts are unique in that I may be coaching him in fitness and strength and health, but he coaches me about life, integrity, hard work, servitude, and being the best person you can be.  I always look forward to working out with John because we co-educate each other.  And when you have someone like him around, you will ALWAYS walk away with value with that time spent.  No matter what you are pursuing with John, be it business, friendship, or casual conversation….you will find that your needs are met first and foremost.  I truly hope that you take advantage of opportunities in working with him, meeting with him, sharing laughs and ideas with him.  I am in the business of enriching people’s lives and it take one to know one.  I definitely see that in this man’s character."
Belton Lubas, Personal Trainer
Element 5 Fitness

“I've known John since I was in 8th grade. He's always been an example to me on how to balance life, faith, work, and relationships. He is quick to listen, quick to encourage, and quick to give advice. He lives humbly and authentically, which makes me respect him tremendously and endorse him wholeheartedly. Those fortunate enough to work alongside him will understand why."
Jeff Otis
Investment Advisor Representative
Evergreen Capital Management

“I have done a number of projects with John over the course of the past three years and the experience has been a pleasure every step of the way.  Not only does he conduct business with the highest level of integrity, he is also a lot of fun to work with.  He has very high standards of excellence and pays attention to the important details.  I would recommend him to anyone without reservation.”
Colin Philp, Owner
Colin Philp Furniture
Emerald Fine Cabinetry

"I have worked with John over the years on many Street of Dreams projects. He has shown commitment to detail that is commendable.  He also has proved to be hard working and dedicated to any project he works on."
Dave Masin
Masins Fine Furniture & Interior Design

 “Working with John has been a pleasure.  He has always dealt with me in a fair and honest manner, and his graciousness and friendliness make for a great working relationship.” 
Jeff Neuenschwander, Owner
NooshConnex, LLC

“I had the pleasure of serving on the Board of Directors with John at Sahalee Country Club.  I found John to be an excellent Board member who was dedicated and responsible.  I would highly recommend John due to his demonstrated professionalism."
Bob Frazier, Managing Director
Coldstream Capital

“I have known John for over 26 years. Such longevity gives me a good platform to see the highs and lows of his life and to survey the depth of his character. He is a faithful and loving husband, a wonderful father and an outstanding friend. John has a powerful mind for business and an enormous heart for people. Finding both of these qualities in abundance in one person is rare. Finding them held in balance throughout a long career is even harder to find. I have no reservations in trusting him with both my money and my heart."
Rick Newell
Seattle, WA

"John Heller has been a mentor and friend for many years. Through a variety of contexts, from advising me on my Real Estate development career to my helping design his daughters wedding, I have seen the joy and determination in his character meet challenge with peace, encourage with wisdom and bring excellence in every area of his life. He is a true man, full of grace."
Gerod Rody
Director OUT for Sustainability

“I was pleased to hear that John is returning to the real estate broker/agent market.  John not only has a thorough knowledge of the industry, more importantly, he is a businessman you can absolutely put your trust in when making one of your most important investment decisions.  Should the need arise he will be my agent.” 
Robin & Gretchen Callan
Medina, WA

"I have known John for 21 years in both personal and professional capacities. I have absolute confidence in him as a person of integrity, and know of his long ties to the community. I can think of no more important factors in selecting someone for such an important personal service."
Dr. Albert Erisman
Editor, Ethix Magazine
Executive in Residence, Seattle Pacific University

“I have been very impressed working with John over the years in various roles. His ability to analyze various situations is superb. His creative ability, how he views projects, how he makes changes to create value and ways to look at situations from different angles is unique. Finally, the integrity John brings to his professional endeavors is comforting.”
Dennis Weibling
Rally Capital LLC

John Heller